Take stock in duracell…

Some women just can’t have a normal orgasm.  By that I mean that they absolutely need some “outside” stimulation.

I’ve read 4 books over the weekend and every single heroine had mind blowing orgasms.  The problem is that none needed anything other than their partner’s hands or prick inside.  There was no stimulation of the clit.  No extended foreplay. Just down and dirty sex.  A few got off orally, but those orgasms were not “electrifying” leaving them boneless puddles of mush.

Men need to take the time to discover what makes the woman they are with tick.  And they need to ask, not just take for granted they just “know how to please a woman.  Men need to understand that not all of us a the same.  Different strokes for different folks.

There are very few women like me.  I dream.  I fantasize.  Sometimes I do both while having sex. I get myelf off.  And I have stock in Duracell.


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