Soul Speak

He sees her across​ the street and does not know why he can’t stop looking. His soul screams out “follow her”. He watches as she moves through the traffic of pedestrians. Her movements fluid but undecided. Suddenly she stops and glances in his direction. His soul stammers “she can save us.” He crosses the street weaving through the crush of rush hour cars. He follows her down the sidewalk. She stops again and wraps her arms around herself and tilts her face to the sky as the first drops of rain begin. He watches her in childlike fascination as she dances in the rain, her arms spread out like wings. She is just beyond his reach when she stops, facing him. Her eyes open and he sees the sadness. His souls sighs. A shy smile spreads across her features as she extends her hand towards him. He longs to feel her touch and takes her offering. “Mine?” she quietly whispers. “Yours” comes his reply. His soul is content.