Soul Speak

He sees her across​ the street and does not know why he can’t stop looking. His soul screams out “follow her”. He watches as she moves through the traffic of pedestrians. Her movements fluid but undecided. Suddenly she stops and glances in his direction. His soul stammers “she can save us.” He crosses the street weaving through the crush of rush hour cars. He follows her down the sidewalk. She stops again and wraps her arms around herself and tilts her face to the sky as the first drops of rain begin. He watches her in childlike fascination as she dances in the rain, her arms spread out like wings. She is just beyond his reach when she stops, facing him. Her eyes open and he sees the sadness. His souls sighs. A shy smile spreads across her features as she extends her hand towards him. He longs to feel her touch and takes her offering. “Mine?” she quietly whispers. “Yours” comes his reply. His soul is content.


Saving the Day…the Crossfire way

Sylvia Day has written a fantastic story about two remarkable individuals that are perfectly flawed.  The unfinished Crossfire quintet stars tortured hero Gideon Cross.   Gideon is strong, handsome and unbelievably rich. And wonderful flawed.  Christian Grey was 50 shades of screwed up.  Gideon is 100 times that.

As an avid reader, I found this series a bit more believable than Fifty Shades.  Not to mention the sex scenes were numerous and oh so steamy.

Most men just can’t…

Wanted: A man that can have multiple orgasms in a short amount of time.

Why is it that most heroes in romance novels tend to have quick recoveries, some lasting 3-4 times before taking a “break”, while those in reality world have a hard enough time recovering after only once?  Sure there are a few that are more reliable but the majority are one and done.

Also, the heroes in these books almost always make sure that their ladies are taken care of once or twice before releasing their own inner demon.  How often have you read the part where the woman is thoroughly satisfied and too exhausted to continue before their man has reached the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment?  Better yet, how many times have you seen the opposite happen.  Answer?  Hardly ever.

Lets face it, most men just can’t.  We should consider ourselves lucky if we get it more than once a night.


Take stock in duracell…

Some women just can’t have a normal orgasm.  By that I mean that they absolutely need some “outside” stimulation.

I’ve read 4 books over the weekend and every single heroine had mind blowing orgasms.  The problem is that none needed anything other than their partner’s hands or prick inside.  There was no stimulation of the clit.  No extended foreplay. Just down and dirty sex.  A few got off orally, but those orgasms were not “electrifying” leaving them boneless puddles of mush.

Men need to take the time to discover what makes the woman they are with tick.  And they need to ask, not just take for granted they just “know how to please a woman.  Men need to understand that not all of us a the same.  Different strokes for different folks.

There are very few women like me.  I dream.  I fantasize.  Sometimes I do both while having sex. I get myelf off.  And I have stock in Duracell.

Fifty Shades of P!$$&d

Dakota Johnson (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson) and Charlie Hunnam cast as Ana Steele and Christian Grey?????

First of, both are BLONDE! No way does this translate to following the vision of the writer.  Secondly, NOOOOOOO. Dakota is too thin and not at all how Ana is described in the books.  Christian Grey as lighter eyes and are definitely no where close to what Charlie has.  Ok, so they can dye their hair and where colored contacts, but that’s where the helpfulness ends.

So what if Charlie is gorgeous, he simply is not Christian.  Hopefully, he’ll be able to break away from his “Sons of Anarchy” role, but personally I don’t see that happening.  But I suppose if he shaves, that will change his looks a little bit.

All-in-all, I am not happy about these casting decisions.  But I will reserve absolute judgment for the rest of the cast when announcements are made. 

Sometimes you just gotta…

I love the Highlanders.  Many a time I’ve been reading a novel about one of my beloved ancestors (every Scot is a potential family member, even the fictional ones) and wound up daydreaming about being hauled off to a stone castle by a brooding broad-chested laird of the keep. Being held prisoner of my own desires to ultimately be mindlessly ravished by my knight in tartan plaid that can’t get enough of me. 

Sometimes you just got to dream.  Even if its in the middle of the day.